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Ten or twelve years ago I began reciting Edgar Allan Poe's “The Raven”. About five years ago I used my acoustic guitar to add a simple chord progression allowing me to “sing” it.

Last year (2009) was the bicentennial of  Poe's birth, so the decision to record it seemed obvious.

My good friend Mike Benjamin agreed to  provide a musical score to accompany the dramatic narrative. He did so using computerized drum tracks, percussion loops, an organ, bass, acoustic and electric guitars.

The original cover art for the thirteen minute recording was done by Francis P. Creney, another good friend. It is a linoleum block print.

To order copies of the recording of “The Raven” on compact disc send $8.00 per disc to:

                                      Kevin Keady
                                      P.O. Box 825
                                      Edgartown, Ma.

Contact us at:

Camp Productions
Box 825
Edgartown Ma.


the off season
Kevin Keady and Mike Benjamin have recorded Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem, The Raven.

available at Above Ground Records. More info to follow.

the off season
"the off season" is available at CDbaby.com

Click to hear a sample of "Road Rage"

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